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Then another gemini I was with for 3years cheated on me. Then a scorpio I was with for 8years was the love of my life, really thought he was the one. He went on holiday,came back, finished with me and straight away he was in another relationship. Im sure he must of been cheating but was never sure. When we finished I felt someone had died inside me. On the rebound I had a year long relationship with a capricorn. I ended this one as he was such a bore and we had nothing in common.

I tried a dating app,which wasn't for me, I attracted weirdos. So I decided i didn't need anyone, I'd be on my own. I've always worked hard for my money,I needed no-one And then a long period on my own and truly happy a Taurus came along,a hard working self employed Polish man,we met,we got on, 9days later we were an item. We get on so well,we have same interests. This is such a different relationship to any of the others.

I know this man loves me as much as I love him. He has made me realise that alot of my relationships were very one sided.

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We have now been together now for nearly 5years. Im 46,I feel I have met my soul mate Can you help me plz? Sachin I know I am going to find my love in Fed up of the ugly thing around me Just doesn't get my way or the high way- such a ugly lil thing. Lewy As soon as you fall in love with your real self the universe will send more love your way then you could ever imagine!

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True Gemini Lol True Gem. Did I steal your name or you mine? Anyway, well written, you honour our name True Gem As Geminis we all want to find love and have an idea of what we want with no clear picture of what love is. This becomes an endless search and every time we grasp what we are looking for, we don't know if that one is the one thing we've been searching for.

So, we put it down and continue the search.

Woah to any of you who run into a cunning, coy Aquarius along the way. Spark Unfortunately I think this is very true.


Aquarian Whoa! We may say the same about Geminis. True Gemini Point taken Carrissa Wow same here true love for me doesn't seem likely for me. The Chn one True love is bullshit, never exists and it's probably better to be single. Grey Same here!

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John Don't get engaged to a man with a wife. Gem That was hilarious! It sounded like a Groucho Marx one liner! Jesse As a Gemini I know that feeling well. Seems when we try and go it all on our own we are alone. But we are never really alone but by choices we make we stay to ourselves and stay alone. To me it is safe to be alone and do it all myself but then I am alone. Time to let others in and let others help. But just how do we do that and avoid the conflict right.

Choose to be happy regardless. Happy people are contagious and everyone loves them. Get your mind on something other than yourself.


Volunteer somewhere start giving of your time and energy to others in need. Enjoy everything you do and everyone you meet. Or watch the movie on youtube. It will help you. Crazyre I was living the secret before I read the book Find me over facebook. Tina karma. Constantine [quote]Message from tiona I don't know if i will ever find true happiness in life it's self and i have very low self esteem and feel like i am always alone.

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Chin up. Abdul I don't know if Gemini and Aquarius can be a perfect March without separating. Colin Kelly I don't know if geminis will ever find love. But we can always find happyiness. Kelly Will my relationship work. Your name:. Horoscope Daily Horoscope Well Click on your Zodiac sign and get daily forecast.

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Aries Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Taurus Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Thank you. I had been waiting for a department move at my current place of work, for almost a year.

The management were dragging their feet and never seemed to reach a final decision.

Thank you so much, Cheryl H. Slough Berkshire, United Kingdom. As soon as I brought the package into my home the power took over. I received a call from my true love and then he rushed over to my home right after I completed the spell kit. He stayed overnight as if he had never left and moved out of our home. I am anticipating great things to happen because the power is strong. I hope to write you soon and tell about the wedding. Byrd California. Receive giant discounts when you join our mailing list! We respect your privacy and will not share your email address with anyone.

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