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The Bull represents a strong-willed character with great perseverance and determination.

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In Egypt, Taurus was seen as the cow goddess Hathor. Hathor was the goddess of beauty, love, and happiness, and she represented all of the riches seen in cattle as the providers of nourishment. Roman astrologers considered Taurus ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, and Earth, the goddess of the earth and nature. Taurus is opposite to Scorpio. Your Name required.

Gemini is masculine, intellectual, and cleverer. Imagination is more compatible with Gemini than practicality. He appeared to have excellent health. Well-balanced square palms were pink and firm with short straight fingers. Pink elastic skin, resilient palms, flexible wrists, and mildly flexible finger joints revealed a healthy balance between determination and adaptability. His basic lines were clear and deeply engraved. AIDS was a death sentence at the time. Nothing stood out. I also lacked experience to counsel him. If anyone can beat this disease, you can. We chatted about what he planned to do.

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He wanted to be proactive. I helped him decide to build a regimen of healthy diet, aerobic exercise, peaceful sleep, more meaningful relationships, and more quality time management. I showed up twice weekly for two years to read hands, astrology, and tarot cards for clients and staff. I printed hands from the AIDS community monthly to monitor the progress or regress of the disease.

I began noticing changes in skin ridge patterns on the percussion of hands. Lack of adequate funding, limited time, and not enough statistical data made it difficult for me to be thorough or scientific. Most people with AIDS suppress their potentials because they obsess on the harsh realities of a very fragile impending mortality. I affirmed their talents and strengths and inspired them to continue making positive choices and taking meaningful actions.

We looked forward to our weekly sessions.


Your health is in your hands. I encourage seekers to examine and reflect on their own hands and the hands of people they care about. Hands are a mirror of a person. Illnesses can be seen in fingernails. Dozens of stress related problems and types of cancer can be seen in skin ridge patterns dermatoglyphics. Conditions of lines indicate conditions of heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and stomach in male and female systems. Palmistry is prescriptive, but should never be used to diagnose or prescribe.

Many health problems are natural predispositions to specific character types. Know the type and understand the corresponding potential health problems.

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Click links to learn when and how a finger is dominant and what other qualities in addition to health are represented. The Good News is that forewarned is forearmed! A huge challenge and temptation for Sagittarians is refraining from overindulging in rich food and drink. Large stiff thumbs and short stiff fingers embody stubbornness, determination, and tenacity. Full rosy balls of thumbs symbolize love of family, children, food, nature, comfort, luxury, art, music, and all things beautiful.

When a ball of thumb is surrounded by a long clear deep life line, that person is blessed with good health. Long clear fate lines also symbolize strong purpose, goals, and sense of destiny. These are all generalizations to be adjusted based on the gestalt of a person. Deep lines and clear skin ridges reveal trails, trials, and tribulations to be navigated and guided by anyone who learns. Taurus has few extra lines. Requiring security and stability, they think and feel in practical ways. Long graceful heart lines ending under the index finger are romantic and sentimental. People with long heart lines often see others as they want them to be, instead of how they really are.

Head lines closely intertwined with life lines at their beginnings must be appreciated and never taken for granted.

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Loop and arch fingerprints add adaptability and practicality. Square finger tips reinforce a need for order and stability. Depending on size, second knots are more or less concerned with keeping everything in its place. The larger the knot, the more compulsive the need for order in the area that knot represents.

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Dominant middle phalanges embody practical pursuits and dominant bottom phalanges prefer sensual. The hand pictured above belongs to someone with a Pisces sun and a Taurus hand and character. Taurus is driven by their physical senses. These responsible, practical, pragmatic, objective, reliable, and dependable individuals manage and maintain the material world.

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  • They only trust what they can see and feel, not ideas, intuitions, or inspirations. As creatures of habit, they get addicted to routine and order. Being bogged down in practical and mundane matters makes it hard to access their abstract abilities and imagination. They procrastinate at beginnings and endings, another unproductive habit, which opposes their need to be responsible, caring, and appreciated. Venus gives form to wealth and power. She loves her family, friendships, home, food, nature, art, and music.

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    Her need for physical security and stability drives her practical attitudes. She thrives in real estate, banking, food, and fashion. Her challenges are to trust her gut, give up control, and let go when it no longer makes sense to hang on. Taurus can be the best Bull and the worst Minotaur. Pope John Paul ll embodied many positive Taurus qualities. He got the rich to share wealth with the poor.

    He was the first Pope to visit a synagogue, encouraging Catholics and Jews to love one another. An assassination attempt nearly killed him; and still, he rose to address countless chaotic church stresses and messes. The darkest depths of Taurus created the monster from Hell from to Adolph Hitler transformed our world by empowering anger, fear, and terror and manipulating masses with symbolic imagery. Hitler was responsible for over thirty million deaths. We can all be our own best friends and bull shit detectors. Having virtue, honesty, integrity, dignity, nobility, discipline, structure, focus, persistence, and determination are keys to healthy humanism and heroism. Taking responsibility for healthy attitudes, critical thinking, constructive planning, realistic goal setting, healthy values, and honest actions, transform our inner and outer worlds.

    Embrace your best qualities, master your darkness, manage your life, and be an alchemist. Everyone has Taurus in their symbolism and psyche. Pundits joke, but having no hope is not a laughing matter. The USA went off the gold standard.