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Because of his altruistic spirit, you might find a Libra man volunteering at a homeless shelter or marching in a protest.

The Scales also love luxury, so they tend to frequent fine restaurants, hotels and fashionable clothing stores. The Libra man is looking for the one who satisfies him emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. For a Libra man to take notice, you need to stand out from the crowd. Libra enjoys being flattered so compliment him often, especially on his taste and style.

Give him small gifts once in a while, and send him little notes for no reason. Plan romantic escapes for you and your Libra guy, including candlelit dinners, massages and bubble baths for two. Use your imagination and creativity and your Libra guy will fall helplessly in love with you! Questions about your Libra man?

Talk to an astrologer today! The Aries woman and Libra man may clash.

Aries-Libra: similarities and differences

Libra weighs decisions carefully, while the Ram is impulsive. Aries is also very opinionated, which Libra may never understand. A Taurus woman may need to go against her nature to make a relationship work with a Libra man. While Libra loves going out and socializing, the Taurus woman is more of a homebody. She also may be a little too clingy for free-spirited Libra. The Gemini woman has good chemistry with a Libra man.

Sign Language: Love the Libra Way

Both signs love people and social gatherings, along with the finer things life has to offer. The biggest problem will be that neither is good at making sound decisions. The biggest obstacles for love between a Cancer woman and Libra man are usually that she is usually too emotionally needy, practical and set in her ways for adventurous Libra. Both the Leo woman and the Libra man love romance and social events. Sometimes, however, the Lion might be a little too controlling for the Libra man.

Libra will find Virgo much too stubborn and critical.

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The double-Scales pairing of a Libra woman and Libra man can be blissful. The one downside may be that neither will want to take the reins when it comes to making important decisions. The Scorpio woman and the Libra man will share a lot of sexual attraction, but a long-term relationship may be difficult. Passionate Scorpio often is just too possessive for free-spirited Libra. The Sagittarius woman and Libra man are kindred spirits. The turn to shorter days and less light brings a craving for contractual partnership in marriage and business.

To Libra, marriage is sacred, and you will always do all that you can to preserve and protect your union. With such a strong emphasis on partnership, Libras often work in fields associated with weddings. You fervently want to see fairness in all situations. When people or events veer to extremes, you will strive to re-balance and create accord. In business, you would make a savvy negotiator, labor leader, arbitrator, or lawyer.

You present a polished and elegant exterior, but you are surprisingly strong and assertive, for you are a cardinal sign that leads—and you demand results. As you begin , Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules, so this planet will exert exceptionally strong, beneficial vibrations this year.

Jupiter moved into Sagittarius in early November , so by January, he will have eased comfortably into his new role in your third house of travel and communication and will be ready to help you…. Jupiter moved into Sagittarius in early November , so by January, he will have eased comfortably into his new role in your third house of travel and communication and will be ready to help you. Furthermore, since Libra is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign, you two are very compatible, and you will easily absorb the good fortune that Jupiter has for you. Your trips will not take you far within miles yet they will yield great fun and a touch of luxury—and if you go for business, profit as well.

Face-to-face meetings with clients who are out of town will pay off handsomely. This will be a year that will underscore your ability to communicate effectively, so if you work in any aspect of communications, you will do well. He ignores me somedays pays attention to me other days and never fully knows if he likes me or not lol.

I can't with him I just like his attractiveness. I'm a Capricorn we are smarter than this.

I can't stand Libras never again. Why make an indecisive person a leader? They are the best at putting on a good social front, especially at parties and board meetings. Diplomatic, graceful, charming and even witty!

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Sometimes I think they overdo it when a shitstorm is about to occur and they purposely control conversations to avoid ill feeling. Some of them will utter insults and call you all sorts of names under the sun if you upset their inner peace. That mood starts in the morning and finishes at night. Even the most healthiest Libran is prone to snacking on sweets.

A lot of Librans a prone to having gallstones, kidney and dental problems. Due to all that sugar and junk they regulary eat.

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Those born in the first week of October are prone to depression saturn decan due to their repressed emotions and hide it so well. They are highly intuitive and have a good grasp of psychology. My experience with a Libran is usually very superficial and passive. So you can imagine how short lived the relationships are. But do love a tennis match with a Libra! I had a friend we are both libras she was a thieth she stole a couple of pens and a notebook in school and when i asked her why she did that she told me infrond of my face that ive stolen from her too witch i did not she said such big lies for her grades that i cant stand it any more.

I have a hate on her beacause im jealous of her she has a lot of friends she has much better fugure than me but her personality is full of garbage this the truth. At least when im about to say a lie i have her in my mind to tell me if im going to be fake no one will apreceate my true kind and loving self.

Also i can tell when someone lies so easily buy the way they look at you. We care about people about there feelings if some one is getting hurt we do too.


I've been taken advantage a o lot by just caring too much and i get furious i throw all that hate in my family witch they do not deserve it. A technique that strangely comes naturally to me. I am able to bind and twist words in my favour, utilising their double meanings.

In this, I am able to convince strangers or people not too close to me, to give into me or to do this for me. I am able to persuade people that my ideas are theirs and if it fails, it is on them. Simply with using second person nouns such as "You can," and "You should. Lying from the little things to the big things, both white lies to black lies. We also tend to be great liars, but the guilt eats us away. We are easily hurt and scarred. I can't believe this is how I am?

I didn't realize it until reading some of the things and saw it was talking about me. The laziness, the controling, able to move from one relationship to another one. Wow, basically summed me all up. We don't try to be that way, it's who we are. Please remember the good out ways the bad, because we love very hard.

Finding and Keeping the Libra Man

I have been in 3 relationships in my life and the the 3 of them are Libra. Libra people are charming and very easy to attract you. They know how to break your heart and lie to you constantly in order to always look good and avoid confrontations. They cannot be in one relationship and as soon they breakup with you, you will find out they are dating someone else with no compassion of your broken heart.

Super selfish people who never know what they want and live in fear of being alone, that's why they are easy to jump in a new relationship super fast. Also as soon they breakup with you and have someone else in their life, they wont let you go that fast because they want to track every step of you, and they hate confrontation but love drama. I learned my lesson and I try to avoid Libra when is about relationship.

When Libras are healthy they are funloving, charming and very intelligent. But their dark side is an endless abyss of self-serving, manipulative, victim-based behavior. Having two Libra sisters and a Libra friend of five years I have seen this time and time again. Being an air sign and the only sign symbolized by an inanimate object, Libras lack genuineness and honesty as their opposite sign, Aries.