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Your ruling planet Mars is in your sign, and you're ready to go! Are you ready for change? An exciting New Year has arrived! Eclipses are especially intense for you, dear crab. There's an eclipse in your sign! The retrogrades are finally behind us! How will the eclipses affect you, dear Libra?

Your ruling planet Pluto makes some powerful connections this month!

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Are you ready to run free with all planets direct? Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Which of our human underlings can offer us this antiquated yet for some reason suddenly very important thing? Now as you know, the flip side of all those feelings is that when something hurts, it hurts deep, and the last two months have not been a cakewalk on that front. But the stars and planets love you and have only been challenging you so that you can grow.

Proof of this love? Suz wants you to honor that. Go ahead!

Daily Horoscope: January 7th to January 9th

Catch the snitch! The stars have your back. Did you get bangs? Whatever the case, change can be difficult. It will be good to recharge with the energy of other people this month. The new moon is lighting up your 11th house of friend groups and clubs. Although getting out there might be the last thing you want to do after a tense few months, if you get out there and light up some rooms with that fiery zest of yours, you might find some sweet things heading your way.

Suz is playing no games about this. She writes:. To enjoy this trend, you must do your part. Be open to adding new types of people to your circle — they will open the shutters of your life and provide a breath of fresh air to you. Okayyy, Aries? Put on your most excellent attire and go gift the world with your presence. Well hello there, you sensuous sky-bovine, do you come here often? I hope so. Because you, Taurus, are at your best one of the most grounded, sensual and down-to-earth signs of the zodiac.

This month, I want to encourage you to take some deep breaths and get real soft with yourself because February could be the best month of your whole year if you stay open to the possibilities.

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The new moon in Aquarius means that there should be some pretty dazzling career opportunities for you. Which means putting it out into the universe that you are open to a new position, and maybe new responsibilities. Yeah, I know, this is hard for you. Or maybe the life-altering decision to get a joint-custody pet with your significant other s? If you are ready to be engaged, there will be no more reason to wait. And this month is a time during which that change will be for the better.

Hi Gemini, unfurl that brow and loosen those gritted teeth. A great place to start?

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Right at home. The full moon on the 19th offers a sweet moment for making decisions about home-related stuff. Make it a smart TV, too, so that when you run out of his films you can comb YouTube for bad iMovie collages featuring photos the paparazzi has taken of him. Get moving on your plans pronto, because the beginning of the month is v auspicious according to Suz. As February opens, Mars will still be in Aries, a fire sign that blends perfectly with your air-sign element. When you do, have no qualms about getting some solitary time in.

And if you need ideas for some more creative winter layering , um, yeah dude, you know we gotchu. February is going to be a turning point for you, Cancer, with many sunny days on the horizon, especially in the realm of business and finance. Our girl Suz says that this month is a time during which you could really see some big financial gains, and not the normal piecemeal stuff.

Auntie Suz has this advice for you:.

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If you work for others, the same is true. Mars, the ruler of your tenth house of fame, will be touring this same area of your chart relating to your leadership and career reputation and will be in an ideal position to Jupiter in your house of work projects. See what is happening here — you can make money and elevate your status, in terms of the prestigious client you bring in. You see what I mean?! The world needs this. All this career stuff should calm down mid-month, at which point Mars is gonna slide into the DMs of your 11th house which governs friendship and connection.

January was heavy what with all those eclipses and a whollllle lot of energy in the work-oriented section of your chart. But February? February will be bringing you way sweeter vibes. This is a time during which you can devote your energy to your partner and feel that effort magnified and returned. All my fellow diehards for Will Ferrell as DeAngelo Vickers , meet me in the comments section so we can exchange videos of our very own inspirational juggling demonstrations. You may pay bills too, but it seems money is coming in, and you will have a surplus.

Oh hey there, superstar! Welcome to February! The full moon on the 19th is in Virgo! This is exciting news re: your love life, you excellent lotus blossom. Please do not compromise your base level of lip hydration under the influence of this horoscope. In summary?

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  7. This is a month to get your body right and maybe even lock it down with you-know-who. Who let these beguiling human butterflies into the room?

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    Oh Libra, you dessert-for-breakfast of a human being, the last two months have been seriously stepping on your chill, no? But look at me.