Leo in first house astrology

It is the sum total of our personality, both the inner self and outer shell. First house thus rules how we grow and gives a shape to how we perceive the world. The position and strength of the first house lord is very important in carving the destiny of a person. First house mostly relates to public appearance, how a person projects himself or herself to the world. It is a mirror into how we show ourselves as well as how we actually are. It gives a clear picture of your vim and vigor, and overall health and wellbeing.

It is a window to your general outlook towards life, which largely affects your choices and future course of events. Moreover, its astrological analysis also tells about upcoming misfortunes and mishaps. First house thus is very important in terms of making astrological predictions. Year West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

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Popular Services. Behavior: A dynamic, assertive and impulsive personality, sometimes to the point of aggression or the tendency to be rash in action.

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He is likely to be fearless, with energy reserves impossible to fully use up, straightforward and independent. Independence is very important to him and he feels the need to dominate his immediate environment. He tends to see life as a battle field, and tries to win the game of life.

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Mars makes him open, honest and intuitive. He is not afraid of challenges but wants to take them on to emerge a winner. He is very likely to achieve his desires. He probably likes martial arts and sports. They are likely not to listen to the advice of older people and if their Mars is badly aspected by Saturn, Uranus or Pluto, the native is at risk of developing self-destructive behaviors.

In general, they should strive to control their aggressiveness because if they allow it to have its way, it can destroy their health as well as cause problems to other people. Women with Mars in the first house will be good at succeeding in occupations usually associated with men. They will have a lot of masculine qualities which will make them master masculine fields of work. If Mars is afflicting Venus or Uranus, it means the person may prefer the other sex or may be domineering in relationships. Natives with Mars in the first house should take care not to injure their head and face.

They are prone to high fevers when sick. They in general should guard against injuries of all sorts due to Mars influence towards rashness and high self-confidence. Nevertheless, even if they are injured, they tend to heal very fast.

Ascendant and 1st House Astrology

Appearance: Mars near the ascendant gives energy and dynamism, a medium stature, athletic and strong body, large bones, greater tendency towards leanness than weight gain. It can gift a round visage, ruddy color, curling, sometimes red hair. Piercing eyes, confident countenance, fearless and active disposition can be the gifts of Mars as well.

So, for example, Venus close to the Sun would mean that the person may use sex to succeed in career. As you can see, the qualities of Venus are abused. You will feel fulfilled in life if you learn to become a good example for others to follow.

First House (Ascendant) – 1st House in Vedic Astrology

By your good example people will feel inspired and energized to change their lives. This drive to succeed independently gains you respect of others, which you love to feel. You like to stand out from the crowd. You are likely to study many subjects so that you are considered knowledgeable and admired by others. Sun located at a safe distance from other planets gives a native a shining and beautiful personality, lots of self-confidence and great leadership abilities. People tend to want to follow such leaders because they perceive light in them. Natives are likely to have clearly defined ambitions and the ability to achieve them.

There is a risk of too much self-confidence and arrogance with such a placement. Although self-confidence is a good trait, one should also practice humility and try not to be domineering. There is a big need to express oneself and shine like the Sun to be adored and loved by others. He is as unique as the Sun and dislikes following other people or trends of any sort. He is in his own league.

Because he is so self-confident, courageous and optimistic, he is likely to achieve great heights in his career even at a young age. Excellence at school, from a very early age, is very possible. He is likely to get smarter faster than other children and achieve great heights in his career very quickly. He tends to spot and seize opportunities and be generally lucky in life. Good aspects to the planets Venus and Jupiter further increase his warm personality and magnetism.

Like the Sun, such individuals cannot pass unnoticed. Appearance: Sun in the first house gives a large, strong, tall and well-proportioned body; a round and large forehead, large, piercing eyes. It gives good health, ruddy complexion, often blond hair and the tendency of hair loss in later years.

The 1st House In Astrology Through All Zodiac Signs [First House In A Birth/Natal Chart Reading]

With such a placement a native is likely to look similar to his or her father; the father is likely to be a role-model. A prominent and afflicted Sun can make a person domineering, arrogant, proud, and a hater of all people. His judgement will be wrong, he will be restless and troublesome. He could become a spendrift and may become financially dependent on other people; but he will think others to owe him for the kind of person that he is.

Behavior: Venus in the first house makes you charming, beautiful and friendly. You are likely to be sensual and have some artistic talent.

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You may love music, poetry and other forms of art, as well as beautiful surroundings and everything that is pretty. You like making new friends, but you also feel the need to meet the expectations of others which might make it difficult for you to accept who you really are. Self-acceptance is important if you want to be at peace with yourself. If Venus is positively aspected, it makes you kind-hearted and able to get along with all sorts of people. You are likely to have a great sense of style and spend quite a lot of time in taking care of your appearance. If, however, Venus has an aspect to Uranus, it can make your personal style a little strange.

If a man has Venus in his first house, he will be gifted with some feminine qualities or it might make him into a womanizer, especially if Venus is negatively aspected. If Venus is badly aspected by Pluto, such a man may be stalked by women and experience other obsessive behaviors from them. Relationships, especially love relationships, are very important for people with this placement. They will not like to find themselves alone for a longer period of time. Although usually people with this placement are aware of their beauty, this might not be the case if Venus is badly aspected.

So, for example, instead of seeing the whole picture, they will focus on some small thing they consider unattractive in their appearance.