Weekly horoscope 23 march

Overall, this week would be full of ups and downs for your life.

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For your health, the beginning of this week may prove a little negative, but by the end of this week, you may feel great for your health. You would progress in your work. Your confidence and self-esteem may boost during this time. For employees and people in business, this week would be great and favourable.

There are chances of a foreign business trip as well. You are likely to get financial benefits during this time. People in business may get success in their business and would progress well. If you have an import or export business, you are likely to get more profit. Financially this week would be in your favour. You may get success in your work related to bank affairs. This period may also favour you for your wealth and property. You may renovate an old property during this time. You would get success in your court matters related to the property.

There are chances of an auspicious function being organised at your home. You may witness great family time during this period. Students may get success in their studies during this time.

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This week may also favour your married life greatly. This week may prove really great for you. If you are suffering from any diseases, it may get cured during this period. You are likely to take part in a sports activity and may get success as well. You may work with full enthusiasm and would get success in your career. There are chances of some struggles in your job or business during the beginning of this week, which may get resolved by the second half of this week. People in business may be able to get great profits during this time and get success.


If you want to convert your small business into a big one, this week may provide you with many opportunities. For your wealth and property related matters, there are chances of some increase in them during this week. You may feel over-sensitive for your children during this week, but your relationship with them would get stronger.

Students in higher education are likely to get positive results during this time and get success in their foreign education efforts as well. Your married life would be great during this period. People wanting to get married may be able to find their ideal life partner during this time. Your relationship with your partner may get stronger and deeper during this period.

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  • This week would provide you with many ups and downs and in your life. The beginning of this week may favour your relationship. However, there are chances of some bitterness in your relationship during the ending days of this week. Your positive thoughts would favour you during this period. There are chances of a business trip this week. It is advisable for you to control your aggressiveness in order to avoid any disputes during this time. There are chances of a headache and insomnia. If you keep your self-esteem high, you would be able to save yourself from many issues. There are chances of accidents during this period, thus it is advisable for you to drive your vehicle carefully.

    People in finance or CA field would require being cautious during this week. This period may not favour you for buying a new vehicle or invest your money. For your family and children, this week may prove average. Students would require working hard to get expected results. Overall, this week may prove average for you. You may face health issues during this time. There are chances of some gynaecological issues for you. It's advisable for you to avoid unnecessary arguments and aggressiveness during this period. You are likely to get support from your elders and friends. You may get unexpected monetary benefits this week.

    Your hard work may pay off during this time. If you initiate something new during this week, you may get successful. This week may prove amazing for people in business. If you are in the government-related field, you are likely to get success in it. Employees may get support from their seniors. Your reputation and respect may increase at your workplace. If you have invested in the stock market, you may get financial benefits during this time.

    For your finance related matters, this week may provide you with excellent results. Due to your hectic professional schedule, you may not be able to spend quality time with your family.

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    There are chances of some issues in your married life during this period. You may feel anxious about children's education, but with their progress, you may feel satisfied. The chances of a business trip this week seem to be high. This week may bring positivity to all aspects of your life.

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    For your health, this week may prove positive, there are no chances of any major complications during this period. For your finances, this week would amazing for you. You may be able to maintain your financial condition greatly throughout this week. Whether you have an important presentation or conference to attend, know how it is going to be reading your weekly horoscope here.

    Prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges. Get an idea on what to avoid and not miss this week. You can also find your loved ones weekly astrology and help them make it better and fruitful week ahead. Get a sneak peek at your fortune in the month ahead. You'll get all the tips you want in our monthly horoscopes. Find out the high and low phases for you in the year ahead, and make your plans accordingly.

    Take precautionary measures for the negative phases, and make the best of the good times! Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. You are like the wolves of the wild, Read More. Tricksters hide at every corner to lure The smallest of things not taken Young minds can easily be moulded; they Temptation caused great harm since the A weekly horoscope looks at the astrological charts for the week of a particular sun-sign or moon-sign, and then makes predictions based on them.

    The horoscope makes predictions regarding career, business, love, relationships, finances, etc. It also points out the auspicious and inauspicious times and prepares readers to plan out their week accordingly. When things are not looking too good and you are feeling down, this horoscope, prepared by our world renowned astrologers, also provides remedies that can be resorted to to mitigate the ill-effects of the planets. Likewise, people can make the best use of the auspicious times by taking initiatives to push forward their plans and aspirations.

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