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Appropriate and detailed analysis is only possible with complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy.

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Apparently, the placement of Venus Shukra in eleventh house is good since it is placed in its own rashi and, therefore, capable of promoting the traits of eleventh house like income, gains. Generally, such Saturn is capable of causing delay in marriage specifically when the seventh lord Mercury is weak or disturbed. The disposition of these planets Saturn and Mercury is to be seen in Navamsha also. And, if you like, you may take paid consultancy for the same. Does mars combust in the 10th house affect for Dhanu Lagna? Mars is a friendly planet for Dhanu Lagna; and, thus, its presence in tenth house is good.

The strength and placement of tenth lord Mercury may also have a say. If you like to have more detailed personalized readings, you may take paid consultancy via contact horoscopeastrologer. Sir, Can you please throw some light on the effect of Saturn Mahadasha for Dhanusa lagna. If Saturn is placed in 10th house along with Jupiter. Can we conclude that it is a good combination.

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Since Jupiter is looking at Lagna. Or we will have to analyse other planetary placement. In second house four planets are place namely Venus, Rahu, Sun and Moon. And Ketu is in 8th house Kark rashi. Regards Ajay. The role of other planetary dispositions can not be ruled out though.

Like, if Jupiter becomes debilitated in Navamsha, the potency of its aspect in the Lagna Chart may get diluted. Just read your blog while researching on astrological indicators for divorce specially for a dhanu lagna horoscope. You may take paid consultancy in this regard and email me at contact horoscopeastrologer.

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Namaste Rajji, How are you? I had contacted raj sir in when i was very much in pain,i had asked him one question sorry i cant disclose it here,but he had given apt answer for it and now it is vey much happening. Just drop me an email at contact horoscopeastrologer. I have guru with mangal in Dahnur Lagna.

Ketu in 12th house with Venus. Saturn, Mercury with sun in 11th house that is in thulam. Moon in kanni that is 10th from lagna. What u think about my spiritual life. I am married but least interested in grihastha life. I like prayers, Bhajans. I love the universal mother durga in any form she may be. I have crossed many downs in my life but never let Her go out of my mind.

As a astrologer you could know the pains in my life after reading my chart. Now doing a business with cars. I always hear some divine calls. Please help me out….

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Thanks in advance. Please mail me if u can. Sir your article is really informative and interesting. Sir I have a query regarding marak grahas. I would like to know if shukra is marak graha of a person born in dhanu lagna?

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Primarily the lords of second and seventh house are Marak Grahas; however, sometimes, planets coming under their influence also become Marak. Sukra Venus is not a friendly planet for Dhanu Lagna; and, if it is having relationship with second or seventh house or with their lords Saturn or Mercury , it can also act as a Marak.

The influence of supportive planets may, however, generate a counter positive influence too; besides, the disposition of Venus is also to be checked in Navamsha. If you want, you may take paid consultancy for proper and detailed analysis of the horoscope via contact horoscopeastrologer.

Will my Venus mahadasha is fruitful to me? How will be my Career growth and financial growth in Venus Mahadasha? Dear Sir, I am an sagittarius ascendant born with Rahu in 5th house from lagna and mars in lagna. Pl tell me whether this position is benefic or malefic for me…. Roohi my d. Thanks for this wonderful article. I am thinking to start my business as a contractor.

Hello Sir, my name is Sri..

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Sri- 4th Sep , Pm, vizag born. Guys details- 16th may , pM, ranchi. The guy belongs to dhanur lagnam and i have makara lagnam. My Birth date 25 Dec Time 8. Sir my name is Nutan Kumar, i was born on 24th december at am in bhubaneswar. Please suggest me. You may contact me via contact horoscopeastrologer. Hi Raj, Big fan of your reading.


I have Dhanu Lagna. Saturn 28 Degree in Mesh Rashi No 5. Moon in 6th house. Sun 7 Deg , Mars,Ketu in 9th house Leo. Mercury and Venus in 10th house Virgo. Using these two points of the maraka concept, we see a number of planets becoming maraka planets in some of the horoscopes. The fundamental point regarding the concept about the houses of longevity is right. The other point regarding which planets are malefic needs a deeper look. In my view and experience the malefic planets here mean the functional malefic planets.